Turnkey team building in Orav

A well-matched team, every manager’s dream. How to achieve this? One option is a properly planned and implemented team building activity. We will strengthen the team spirit together, have fun and you will certainly not forget the experiences with us. You can experience regular team building anywhere, but who will offer you a sheep herding competition, survival school or jousting on a balance beam? We can arrange these activities and many others of your choice directly in our hotel resort, without having to go anywhere, so you can discuss your experiences with a glass of good beer after strenuous activities or simply relax in our wellness center.

What will we achieve together?
Improved communication. A much better working environment. Team motivation. Getting to know one another better. Various team building games are prepared, such as Life in the Spirit of d’Artagnan, one for all, all for one.
A big advantage of team building at ORAVSKÝ HÁJ or the mountain hotel BREZOVICA is that we will prepare activities for you on-site and you don’t have to go somewhere else for them. We also exclusively offer team building activities such as milking goats or herding sheep.



production of cheese braids – under the guidance of an experienced cheese maker, you will make your own Orava string cheese
ceramic workshops – show your creativity and make your own clay products
manure throwing and pitchfork throwing competition
farm treasure hunt – we will divide you into teams and provide you with the clues to find the treasure on our farm
sheep drive – the most skilled team will drive the sheep into the enclosure the fastest
fishing competition – with the option to eat your catch
relay boating on our lake
carrying bales of straw on a tractor
wood sawing, horseshoe throwing and log throwing
saddle your horse – team work where you clean, groom and saddle your horse
crate obstacle course – check your balance, stability and coordination in pairs



obstacle course – a relay crossing of a marked track on stilts
water carrier – fill a bottle with water from a local stream using unconventional tools
Orava triathlon – competition in swimming, running and cycling
the frog king of Orava – a competition in jumping over a rope with fins on your feet
nail driving – how long does it take a team representative to drive 10 nails?
apples – fish as many apples as you can out of the barrel
running with one ski – experience an unconventional way of running through an obstacle course
wood chopping – who will chop wood in the shortest time?
wheelbarrow battle – who will carry a colleague/friend across the obstacle course in the shortest possible time?


In cooperation with the Panters agency, we will also be happy to organize themed team building options that include special activities. The Panters Tactical Defense Academy program offers you to experience an adventurous corporate event for a few hours to several days, according to your wishes, in the beautiful mountains of Slovakia, or anywhere in Europe. Let’s ask ourselves a question: “Who wouldn’t want to know how to take care of themselves in a real threat to life, or their loved ones???”



I would sure want to…

The program we offer helps prepare you for all the mentioned situations and pitfalls. We will teach you how to survive in a crisis situation, basic shooting techniques, how not to get lost anywhere in the world, treat your injuries, overcome obstacles and much more..



PROMOTION on survival courses for guests staying with us


Special activities:

Survival courses
Archery Hunters
Topo (geocaching)
Special unit training
Off road
Ropes course
Climbing wall
Formula race car simulator
Crossbow / bow shooting
Paintball and more


See the brochure of all team building services.

We will be happy to provide you with all important information at  events@oravskyhaj.sk or by phone at +421 905 806 230.