Allow us to fully pamper you through carefully selected wellness procedures. Massages and relaxation procedures have been chosen for you to meet the demands of even the most discerning customer.

Massages in our resort offer an unforgettable experience. Relax your body, elevate your mood, find mental balance or alleviate pain. Here are a few reasons to choose one of the offered massages. Relaxation procedures often complement the overall effect of the massage. They are another way to alleviate stress and tension. Upon mutual consultation, our masseur will recommend the best alternative for your body and spirit.


Full-body massage
A classic relaxing massage that stimulates the nervous system through the nerve endings in the skin. You will deplete your body of endorphins, thus relieving your body of stress. At the same time, your heart rate and breathing will slow. Feel happy and satisfied by improving your mental and physical health.
60 min.

Back massage
This massage improves blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles. With the right hand movements, our masseur will relax your stiff and painful muscles, which will become more flexible. Regularly repeating the massage helps purge an even greater amount of waste substances from the body than usual.
20 min.

Back and leg massage
A relaxing massage that works deep and relaxes stiff muscles. It relieves pain, alleviates stress, strengthens the nervous system and induces a feeling of balance and harmony in the body.
30 min.


Facial massage
An excellent way to give your skin brightness and a youthful appearance. This is a regenerative massage that improves circulation in the skin and revives it. This massage helps prevent premature ageing.
15 min.

Reflex foot massage
A unique set of massage touches focused on pressure points. Reflex massage improves health by stimulating sensitive nerve endings.
20 min.

Lava stone massage
Our masseur uses stones to help you heal, remove negative energy and alleviate pain. The stones themselves help recharge the body and bring it back into harmony. The massage improves and stimulates blood circulation and detoxes your body. This massage is recommended for muscle pain, digestive problems, arthritis and headaches.
25 min.


Cupping therapy
This old Chinese method helps draw harmful substances to the surface of the body. As a result of cupping, tissue metabolism in the skin is accelerated, blood flow is improved and skin nerves are stimulated.
40 min.


Massages must be ordered at least one day in advance at the reception.



Peat wrap
This is a relaxation procedure that uses the beneficial effect of peat to restore skin cells and immunity. Circulation is improved throughout the body, and the activity of the muscles and joints improves, with a healing effect on the skin and skin disorders, and improvements seen in cellulite.
20 min.


The vertical collagen solarium emits light with an optimal composition for quick tanning of the skin. In addition to the cosmetic effect, tanning is beneficial for health in the case of metabolic disorders, colds or skin diseases. Collagen light therapy, for skin regeneration and rejuvenation, skin hydration.


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