Restaurant & Tokaj Cellar

Do you fancy something tasty? Stop at the hotel resort ORAVSKÝ HÁJ and the mountain hotel BREZOVICA.


Our traditional Slovak restaurant in Orava offers you Slovak, domestic and local specialities, gourmet lamb, bryndzové halušky (local sheep cheese dumplings), healthy meals and excellent wines.


Within our resort, we grow our own vegetables, produce dairy products and process meat from our farm. We will happily prepare special meals for visitors with lactose intolerance and celiac disease.


Enjoy the wines in our restaurant, lounges, or in our unique Tokaj cellar, which is lined with real tuff stone imported from Tokaj. Wine tasting in this wine cellar offers a unique experience that you can normally only enjoy when tasting wines directly with the winemaker.

Our resort also has its own signature ARYVA red wine. This is a limited edition that can only be purchased at our resort.


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