We are happy to recommend a few interesting stops if you are interested in culture. The Orava Region has something to offer in this area and will certainly persuade you

This article will introduce a few places that will definitely extinguish your thirst for knowledge and curiosity. Will it be a castle or a museum? Cultural Orava offers both.

Orava Castle
Národná kultúrna pamiatka v obci Oravský Podzámok, ktorá sa vypína na strmom brale nad riekou Orava. V hrade sa nachádza Oravské múzeum, kde sú inštalované archeologické, prírodovedecké a etnografické expozície. Hrad je sprístupnený verejnosti denne od mája do marca.

Oravian Village Museum
The open-air museum in Zuberec is located in beautiful Oravian nature in the foothills of the Roháče ridge. You can witness the life in Orava in the past in 50 buildings of folk architecture. The museum features a Gothic church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary from the 15th century.

P. O. Hviezdoslav’s Literary Museum
The oldest literary museum in Slovakia, located in the historic building of the Čaplovič Library at Hviezdoslav Square in Dolný Kubín. The exhibition offers insight into the life and work of Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav, a poet, playwright, translator and lawyer.

Orava Gallery
Arts in Orava are in no way inferior. There is a regional gallery located in Dolný Kubín, preserving almost 8500 works of art.