Allow us to pamper you with wellness procedures that we have carefully selected for you. Massages, relaxation procedures and beauty treatments were chosen for you to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Massages in Orava offer an unforgettable experience – relaxing the body, delivering a sense of happiness, finding mental balance or relieving pain. These are just a few reasons to choose one of the massages we offer. Relaxation procedures often complement the overall effect of the massage. They are one of the methods to alleviate stress and tension. After consultation with you, our masseur will recommend the best option for your body and spirit.

Luxury beauty treatments for women and men are undoubtedly another attraction that Orava can offer at your visit. We use the luxurious French cosmetics Payot designed for all skin types. Nadia Payot, one of the first female doctors, developed a premium beauty product that has been used in the cosmetics industry for more than 80 years. The application method used in work with Payot cosmetics ensures that skin cells absorb active ingredients better. Purely natural composition of these cosmetic products ensures efficacy. The beauty treatments offered are based on the use of herbal, plant and mineral preparations

Massages offered for you

Whole body massage
A classic relaxation massage with effects on the nervous system through nerve endings in the skin. Make your body release endorphins to alleviate stress. Your heart rate and breathing will slow down. You will feel happiness and peace by improving your mental and physical health.
60 min.

Back massage
One of the massages that improves blood circulation in the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscles. Accurate movements of masseur’s hands will relax stiff and painful muscles that will become more elastic. The massage repeated on a regular basis will ensure that your body will release more waste substances than usual.
20 min.

Back and leg massage
A relaxing massage that acts in depth and releases stiffened muscles. It alleviates pain, relieves stress, strengthens the nervous system and induces a sense of balance and body harmony.
30 min.

Face massage
A perfect way to give your skin brightness and a young look. A regenerative massage that improves perfusion and revives your skin. It is an effective means of prevention of premature aging.
15 min.

Reflex foot massage
A unique set of massage movements focused on pressure points. A reflex massage that strengthens our health by stimulating sensitive nerve endings.
20 min.

Massage by lava stones
Our masseur will use stones to facilitate healing, take out negative energy and eliminate pain. The stones are able to recharge and harmonise the human body. Effects of the massage include improved blood circulation, detoxification and stimulated blood circulation. The massage is recommended for muscle pain, digestive problems, arthritis and headaches.
25 min.

Cupping therapy
This old Chinese method helps pull out pollutants to the surface of the body. Cupping accelerates tissue metabolism in the skin, facilitates blood flow and stimulates skin nerves.
40 min.

Soft techniques
A set of movements and techniques applied by a masseur to eliminate a whole-body problem. When pressure is applied on specific points, the muscle responds by progressive relief. The massage is recommended for problems with lumbar spine, recurrent low back pain or inflammation of the urinary tract and ovaries.
50 min.

Candling therapy
A unique painless technique used to remove accumulated harmful substances from the body. The massage releases spinal and joint tension, cleanses the lymphatic system and eliminates digestive and nerve problems. It helps restore physical and mental balance.
20 min.

An order for massages should be placed at least one day in advance.

Relaxation procedures offered for you

Peat wrap
A relaxation procedure that regenerates skin cells and immunity through beneficial effects of peat. Perfusion in the body is enhanced, activity of the muscles and joints is improved, skin eczema and cellulitis heal better.
20 min.

Vibrating platform
Vibro Max burns fat faster than other exercise methods. The machine forces the muscles to stretch and maintain stability.
10 min.

Hydro massage bath
Hydrotherapy stimulates the body, giving it a feeling of freshness and lightness, relieves pain and facilitates sleep.
20 min.

Ultrasound treatment
This type of electrotherapy alleviates some types of chronic or acute pain. It promotes tissue regeneration in the affected area and stimulates production of more collagen.
5 min.

A type of electrotherapy that improves blood circulation and tissue nutrition, decompresses pain, relieves swelling and releases muscles.
15 min.

A vertical sun-bed radiates light with optimum composition for rapid tanning of the skin. In addition to its beauty effect, sunbathing is beneficial for metabolic disorders, colds or skin diseases.
1 min.

Luxurious Payot beauty treatments

Hydratation Essentielle
A luxurious moisturizing treatment suitable for all skin types. Payot cosmetics bring special care during a hydrating ritual lasting one hour with visible effects.
60 min.

Solution Peau Nette
A cleansing skin treatment that promotes rapid healing with natural ingredients contained in Payot products. The treatment is suitable for all skin types.
45 min.

Solution Optimale
An exclusive beauty treatment developed specifically for men. The treatment eliminates skin blemishes, bringing an extreme sense of relaxation and comfort. Suitable for all skin types.
75 min.

An order for beauty treatments should be placed at least one day in advance.

Do not forget about your skin outside the beauty salon. Try beauty treatments yourself at home, using the products that you can buy exclusively at the Wellness Centre. French cosmetics Payot offers options for skin of every type and age. We will be happy to advise you on the correct choice of Payot products.